I like to explore a range of styles and techniques but there is always a human element in my work, whether through digital, drawing or painting. Ranging from the conventional portrait or layered image to a more narrative approach the main purpose is to create art that has beauty, requires investigation and generates an emotive response. Realism is fundamental to all my work and I revel in details and subtle changes in colour and tone.

Observation of natural processes initiates investigations through drawing or painting. These visual starting points can be anything from the simple fading of a flower with time to the complexity of a weather pattern that can move or shape. This forms a framework to build and develop pictoral tales.

In the past I have created work in both drawing and painting which interlace the natural world with portraiture.

Since retiring from teaching I have focused much more on portraiture with the desire to suggest something more than just the visual record.



Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA): Open all Media Exhibition - 16th March - 8th April

Exhibited : 'Atonement 1'


Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA): Prize Exhibition - 4th May - 4th June

GMC Trust First Prize: 'Sarah'

Also exhibited : 'Waiting"


Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA): Portrait Prize Exhibition - 16th July - 22nd August

Exhibited : 'Phoebe'